Heritage tours L.T. Piver / POUSH.
July 27, 2023.

POUSH - Crédit Axel Dahl
POUSH - Crédit Axel Dahl

Fully booked, new visits are scheduled for September 2023.

Discover the history of a factory, the L.T. Piver perfumery, transformed into an artistic venue, during guided tours of its heritage and scents. Thursdays July 13, 20 and 27, 2023. Registration required.

Opened in Aubervilliers in 1869, the former L.T. Piver perfume factory has been home to Since 2022, POUSH, an artists' center for creation and exhibition, has been located in the heart of monumental buildings with red and ochre brick architecture. 260 artists have reinvested the premises. Visual artists, photographers, performers, video artists, painters, choreographers... the diversity of the disciplines practiced today echoes that of the former perfumery's trades: soap-makers, perfumers, carpenters, delivery men, packaging workers, chemists, powder-makers, and so on. The effervescence in the workshops has also been perpetuated, as has the spirit of innovation that has characterized L.T. Piver since its foundation. Piver since its foundation in 1774.

In addition to its architectural and historical heritage, perfumery naturally evokes its olfactory heritage. That of L.T. Piver fragrances, some of which are still produced by the company, and the smells of the factory, where fats and plant extracts are processed.

This tour, led by perfume expert Sophie Normand and the Magique olfactory studio, explores all the facets and scents associated with the history of this unique site in Seine-Saint-Denis. A journey punctuated by meetings with the artists and the discovery of their creations.


A project initiated by the cultural heritage department of the Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, in partnership with POUSH, L.T. Piver and Givaud. Piver and Givaudan France.