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Credit Axel Dahl
Credit Axel Dahl

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In addition to its spaces dedicated to artists, dancers and thinkers, POUSH offers over 5,000 m² for your professional projects.

The idea is to create a new living space in the heart of Greater Paris that can accommodate your projects in an environment nurtured by creativity.

The spaces can be used for :

- Filming

- Shooting

- Fashion shows

- Seminars

- Recording of programmes

- Cocktail parties

- Dinners for companies or foundations

Opportunities for collaboration

Artistic collaborations

The 270 artists working on the premises of espace POUSH offer a wide range of possibilities for collaborating on your projects. This in situ artistic offer can meet your needs in terms of visuals, sets, dinner scenography, gifts, etc.

Culinary services

The POUSH space has a restaurant: Galbi, a place of artistic expression occupied by Studio Mekla with the kitchen at its heart, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm to artists and contributors on site. If you wish to use the space privately, Victoria Mekkoui and Iris Texeire, the creators of Studio Mekla, can devise specific culinary services to suit your needs.

The Coupole

The exteriors

Credit Axel Dahl
Credit Axel Dahl
Credit Axel Dahl
Credit Axel Dahl

The parking

Credit POUSH
Credit POUSH

The restaurant — Galbi

Credit Ismaël Bazri
Credit Ismaël Bazri


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