[Coupole] Workshops with artists from the exhibition Nord-Est, mapping memories

Free workshops for children and adults at POUSH as part of the “Nord-Est, cartographie des résonances” exhibition.

- Wednesday, June 26, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Workshop with Joris Valenzuela: Gardening the city and cultivating the struggle. During this workshop, child-guide pairs are invited to collaborate with Joris Valenzuela in a simple gesture: to pick plants from the interstices of the concrete on Avenue Jean Jaurès and transplant them into recycled pots. Once transferred to their new receptacle, these plants can be arranged around the artist's installation under the POUSH dome. Animita, the gathering places that line Chilean roads in tribute to those who have died, are often accompanied by elements that symbolize life, such as bottles of water, lights or plants. Here, the plants brought back from Avenue Jean Jaurès will be those that resist, that grow in the cracks of concrete, that travel on the wind, that live and survive. Those that represent the struggle.

- Saturday June 8, 3pm - 4:30pm
Workshop around the work Les chemins de la guérison
Les chemins de la guérison is a work that questions our relationship with Repair and Care. Although often discreet, the places that symbolize these practices are omnipresent in our lives, dotting our streets as much as they mark our daily lives. Here, through a series of interviews, Deborah Fischer brings together the voices of various players from Aubervilliers and Pantin. By giving them the floor, the artist captures the views of those whose professions embody forms of Repair and Care. While this installation invites visitors to question the nature and necessity of repairing processes and gestures, it leaves the questions of “Why do we repair?” and “How do we care?” open to all. Thus, envisaged as a veritable cartography of intersecting narratives, Les chemins de la guérison will be activated on Saturday June 8 during a workshop that is as practical as it is reflective. In a face-to-face dialogue with the Other, the work and the artist, this workshop, led by Deborah Fischer herself, will be as experimental as it will be ritualized. Thread and needle, as vectors of connection, will place the spectator in the role of participant in both individual and collective repair. Through exchange and gesture, the workshop will be a moment of sharing around the very essences of Repair and Care, leaving visitors masters of their own resilience, recollection and hopes.

- Saturday June 1, 2pm - 5pm
Sound creation workshop with Anouck Lemarquis and Ayoub Ait Taadouit
Echoing the piece Courser les mots, co-created by sound artist Ayoub Ait Taadouit and visual artist Anouck Lemarquis, as part of the Courser l'été en 2023 project (conceived and written by Anaïs Leroy and Anouck Lemarquis) and presented in the Nord-Est exhibition, Ayoub Ait Taadouit and Anouck Lemarquis offer a sound creation workshop. This workshop explores the concept of soundscape, which encompasses all the sounds present in a given place, such as natural or urban noises. It offers an opportunity to use sounds as raw material to describe places, people or sensations. A stroll through the Maladrerie district will be proposed to record in the continuity of the sound piece Courser les mots. Whether you're a sound professional or just curious, you'll be able to discover recording and sound writing techniques, with no prior experience required.

🔴 Workshops initiated as part of the exhibition “Nord-Est, cartographie des résonances”, until July 13, Thursday to Sunday (2pm-7pm).
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