zzzz ssss, a proposal by Double Séjour with Andrés Barón & Juan Pablo Plazas

From 9 June to 3 July

Double Séjour - zzzz ssss POUSH Manifesto

Double Séjour – zzzz ssss © Romain Darnaud

For this new highlight of its programme, Double Séjour invites Andrés Barón & Juan Pablo Plazas for a Duo Show, « zzzz ssss » curated by Thomas Havet, from June 9 to July 3, 2021.

The exhibition can be visited by appointment from Wednesday to Saturday, from 3 to 7 p.m. at Double Séjour, on the 15th floor of Poush.

Appointment: calendly.com/doublesejour/zzzzssss

More information: doublesejour.com


Elastic moment

(Cute Fiction and Facts)

Andrés Barón and Juan Pablo Plazas are partners. They work on figures of speech applied to moving images, to sculpture, to installations and to found objects. In a cubic space, two persons discuss the exhibiti on in the making, they describe in a factual manner what is unfolding before their eyes, but they answer each other, indulge in fiction, adopt the point of view of a dizzy visitor.

how interesting it is to write about one office in a similar-looking office all round I wonder if in a little while some artists will rip up the carpet to reveal the grey concrete but I also think that everything is already so strange that they only wanted to adjust the strangeness to the level of everyday life in an office where you can see exhibitions and where there is the scent of an office all around everyone pretends that it has become something else since everything was removed except the windows

where you could see the city and time passing reflecting like an automatic landscape in the eyes of the regular visitors who can lean on the objects on display which are no longer bathed by the light stifled by the white filters maybe this is why it feels like what seemed obvious has turned uncanny it’s funny how so many things are untranslatable

i’m interested in deobjectification is it possible what does it mean to deobjectify an object it is when everything is set flattened on the same level the level of the wall where you can see a dog looking at a whirlwind and a man whirling around or maybe the camera is whirling around and maybe this never ends and this is when time stretches out like the red of the pencil smashed into the piece of paper filmed while the dog is waiting and the frame is narrowing while the black is smashed as well

but the postures are silent the sound comes from within and the commotion is the shedding of logic and of its obviousness which we allowed to escape like a step to the side and which we will recover later

on the screen the characters unravel spontaneously images are opened objects are assembled since the context of art allows for displacement and at any time you could sit on what you’re looking at just to hang out

having your head in the clouds means taking time off from reality while still being there no truce but an elastic moment with hypnotic movements dream or underside the two partners seem to stretch time on several levels in a way that evokes both the horizon and a playful interest for the constitution of matter like when you wrap a chewing gum around your finger and you pull and pull and pull to see it stretch out between the tip of the face and the end of the hand

what are objects made of maybe ambient sounds streams of consciousness humors moods motifs which mean that when you watch them you like to give them other uses which they get in the invisible part of what cons titutes their climate their ambiance their circumstance and maybe circumstance is the arbitrariness of affinity and it doesn’t matter because the dispositions of the exhibition catch up with you

N.B: This text in the form of a continuous and spontaneous dialogue was written online in a shared document, very late at night and very early in the morning.”

Text of the exhibition by Rémi Guezodje and Fiona Vilmer

Double Séjour - zzzz ssss POUSH Manifesto

Double Séjour – zzzz ssss © Romain Darnaud

Double Séjour - zzzz ssss POUSH Manifesto

Double Séjour – zzzz ssss © Romain Darnaud

Double Séjour - zzzz ssss POUSH Manifesto

Double Séjour – zzzz ssss © Romain Darnaud