INTER-SECTION, peripheral neighbours, a proposal by Yvannoé Kruger with artists from the Wonder, La Volonté 93 and POUSH. From 23 october 2021 to 6 january 2022.

© bonjour garçon studio
© bonjour garçon studio

Le Wonder – La Volonté 93 – POUSH

Pierre Clement, Alice Goudon, Roy Köhnke, Prosper Legault, Louise Mutrel, Boryana Petkova, Mario Picardo, Ittah Yoda

Curator : Yvannoé Kruger

Visits of the exhibition are organized every Wednesday, upon registration.


The exhibition INTER-SECTION was conceived at the intersection of the streets that separate three spaces of contemporary creation: the Wonder, La Volonté 93 and POUSH. The artists who work there have had to appropriate these neighboring places nearly at the same time, almost two years ago. This territory can sometimes be recognized in the forms and materials that the artists use in their work. This common identity secretly connects them and anchors them in the same context, which this exhibition seeks to make visible.

INTER-SECTION examines the paths that connect these spaces of creation as well as the interruptions in these passages which, like breaches, give rise to strange, almost disturbing forms, despite their common origin. This exhibition intends to draw from the urban lexicon and sees the city as a user’s manual, rooted in the thought of Georges Perec. It is a treaty on good neighborliness in a neighborhood that does not exist, between Clichy and Saint-Ouen, which the artists have invented around common commitments and aesthetics.

This trio designs the exhibition space from several interposed perspectives, with intertwined hands. This exhibition focuses on the relationships that bind beings together (Ittah Yoda), but also those that kee p them isolated – like the cages that protect trees in the city, which Boryana Petkova remakes out of glass, and in which the artist imprisons herself to draw on the wall, delineating the limits of her own body and of the fenced, restrained living beings in urban spaces.

How do artists absorb the city? And how do they digest it? How do they retrace it or spit it out? By digging under the Périphérique and creating inside abandoned buildings, they retransmit and transform the landscape that surrounds them. The neon signs of the permanently closed flower shop in Prosper Legault’s work, Mario Picardo’s butcher’s tarps, Louise Mutrel’s truck, Alice Goudon’s found objects are all elements borrowed from the urban environment, which are reinvented here. The presence of these ordinary, invisible objects forces us to reconsider them, and to retrace the history of all these narrative architectural eleme nts, which testify to a world that constantly disfigures and reconfigures itself. Pierre Clement and Roy Köhnke transform the space of the city into an uncanny place, where the visitor is introduced to an aesthetic bordering on sci-fi, a future both fantasized and dystopic, drawing on reality and imagination to help us pay attention to these evolutions, filling this world with locked eyes and intertwined gestures.

Liste to the mini-album created by Advanced Research duri ng their performance, as part of the show’s opening.