Débordement #1, The Revealers, a proposal by Anaël Pigeat and Yvannoé Kruger, for their curatorship at christian berst art brut and the bridge. From 25 november 2021 to 16 january 2022.

<em>Les Révélateurs</em> © christian berst art brut
Les Révélateurs © christian berst art brut

At the invitation of Christian Berst, Anaël Pigeat and Yvannoé Krüger merge distinct art worlds and invite a selection of resident artists from the POUSH workshops (Clichy) and of artists represented by galerie christian berst art brut to initiate groundbreaking conversations.

These dialogues give rise to imaginary narrations, formal, thematic or simply spiritual connections. Like pathfinders or revealers, the artists invite us to look straight into their eyes, in order to see better.

This exhibition, The Revealers, is the first in the new programming cycle, titled Débordements, which will occupy both spaces of the gallery.

With Jacqueline B, Éric Benetto, Julien Discrit, Cecilia Granara, Charles Hascoët, Anton Hirschfeld, Zdeněk Košek, le Fétichiste, Mateo Revillo, Jack Rothert Garcia, Sabine Mirlesse, Boryana Petkova, Patricia Salen, Madeleine & Anne Roger-Lacan, Harald Stoffers, Pascal Tassini.


Cycle of exhibitions during which the guest curators take over both The Bridge and the main gallery. These “outbursts” will expand The Bridge’s project: building a bridge between art brut and the contemporary artistic scene (music, design, visual arts, video…).