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At a time where artists step aside and leave old industrial sites to companies in search of creative approaches, Manifesto gives them a chance to discover the world of an office building.

Drawing on its experience at the Orfèvrerie (Saint-Denis), where the agency orchestrated a temporary occupation for 80 artists from the fall of 2018 to the summer of 2019, Manifesto has proudly opened an innovative space dedicated to contemporary creation: an artist incubator. POUSH offers them studios at affordable rates, helping them stay in Greater Paris, and assists them in their development through dedicated services.

In a high-rise building built in the 1970s in Clichy, now administered by Sogelym Dixence, an independent family-owned company that has established itself as one of the key players of tertiary real estate, an original and panoramic view of the city is offered to the users. Sogelym Dixence, the owner of the building, asked Manifesto to present an ambitious project for a temporary occupation.
After being home to tertiary activities, this boxy figure overlooking the Boulevard Périphérique is experiencing a new chapter of its history by welcoming over 220 artists under its false ceilings.

In March 2020, there were already about 30 of them, settled on three different floors. Three months later, they were nearly 90. In July, POUSH was hosting more than 220 artists on 9 floors! Under the artistic direction of Yvannoé Kruger, Manifesto is leading a singular artistic programming, contributing to the renewal of Porte Pouchet and to the visibility of Clichy. The site, managed by Christine Camio, is intended to open up to local, national and international partners. Spaces are available for companies in search of new experiences, looking to organize events in close collaboration with the artists. Initially planned for a one-year period, POUSH will actually host its resident artists until March 2022.

Dedicated services

By creating POUSH, the first artist incubator, Manifesto is reasserting its commitment to supporting contemporary creation. In addition to their workshops, artists are entitled to dedicated services, designed to meet their needs and help them overcome the issues they meet over their artistic career, while developing their artistic work.

  • Administrative, legal, social and tax assistance
  • Support for artistic production
  • Curatorial assistance
  • Visibility and communication

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