No fire and no place, a proposal by Rencard collectif

From 7 to 18 September

Rencard Collectif POUSH Manifesto

No fire and no place © Rencard collectif

No fire and no place is a curatorial proposal by Rencard Collectif. The exhibition seeks to move away from the motif of the traditional home and explore the overlapping effects of the feeling of home, using twists and turns in the heart of domesticity.

The exhibition will open from September 7 to September 18 in two sites: at Galerie Michel Journiac and at POUSH. The proposal aims to trace a bridge between the two spaces, and to cross it through dialogue bet ween contemporary creation (artists from the Ecole des arts de la Sorbonne and from POUSH’s artist incubator) and the selection of works from the Fonds d’art contemporain – Paris Collections.

With artists Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Wilfrid Almendra, Hannah Archambault, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann, Julia Borderie & Éloïse Le Gallo, Mohamed Bourouissa, Jordi Colomer, Damien Dion, Julien Discrit, Clarisse Hahn, Charlotte Khouri, Tarik Kiswanson, Florence Lacombe de Repentigny, Thibault Lucas, Nicolas Momein, Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza, Carolle Sanchez, Lou Villapadierna, Lois Weinberger, Xolo Cuintle.

A curatorial carte blanche by Mathilde Castaignède, Juliette Chabrat, Alexandre Clouzot, Lucie Colleu, Vincent Enjalbert, Manon Escande Py, Laura Ferrini, Olivia Ipek, Salomé Jardinet, Eve Kahn, Estelle Labat, Inès Massonie, Véronique Mély, Léna Ortiz, Noémie Pacaud, Catalina Peña, Camille Ramanana Rahary, Mathilde Warusfel.

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Rencard Collectif POUSH Manifesto

© Xolo Cuintle, The Corporate Times Act 3 : Deserted Administration, 2021. Evolving installation, concrete, steel, copper rods, dried plants, kapok, cotton, varying dimensions

Rencard collectif POUSH Manifesto

© Laëtitia Badaut-Haussmann, Maisons françaises, une collection, #600-601, 2015, Source: Revue Maison & Jardin #330, published by Molteni, Fonds d’art contemporain – Paris Collections

Rencard Collectif POUSH Manifesto

© Carolle Sanchez, L’œuvre en échec / double denied, 2021.