First Pro Days in Aubervilliers

JUNE 10 & 11 2022


Opening: First Pro Days in Aubervilliers

June 10 & 11 2022 — 12h-19h — S’inscrire

Open studios
Join us as 160 POUSH artists recently relocated to a new site at Aubervilliers open their doors to the public for the first time.

Inaugural exhibition: Les échos d’un temps lointain arrivent en sifflant sur le sable (“Echoes of a distant time come willowing across the sand”)
Explore our new location through the evocative and emotive mediums of the artists and reflect on the spectacular architecture of the new Aubervilliers site.
Featured artists: Marlon de Azambuja, Charbel-joseph H.Boutros, Laurent Derobert, Adélaïde Feriot, Max Fouchy & Eden Sarna, Gerard & Kelly, Mariana Hahn, Ángela Jiménez Durán, Joris Lacoste, Amalia Laurent, Marie-Luce Nadal, Angelica Mesiti, Matisse Mesnil, Laura Sellies, Katarzyna Wiesiołek.
Curator: Yvannoé Krüger
With the support of 836M

Crossing the bridge: echoes of an ancient maple : Rachel Koblyakov echoes the works of artists Laura Sellies and Angelica Mesiti with a 18th century Italian violin, naturally amplified by the surrounding concrete space.
June 10 at 1pm in the exhibition space.;
IRIDESCENCE : A composition for voice, machines and colours by Alessandra Carosi & Thea Soti. June 10 at 4pm and 6pm, building B, 2nd floor.
Who dominates? Studio Tariq-Ryan presents a performance installation. June 11 at 3pm and 5pm on the 2nd floor of building G.

Also discover
– Radio POUSH and Fortress present Contemporary History For Fun & Profit with Jack Rothert Garcia, DJ Raven, Sophie Liner, [mɔdyl], Manu and Worm Machine
Waiting Room with Boris Chouvellon, Max Fouchy, Recycle Group, Luca Resta and Eden Sarna

In situ installations
– June Balthazard & Pierre Pauze, Mass
– Angèle Guerre, Souples, un souffle
– Recycle Group, Scanning process,  Atland dustbin, Vortex recto, Vortex verso
– Mathieu Merlet Briand, NEW NATURE, THE #GATE

To taste
– Experimental tastings with fermentation by Marouane Dekaoui in collaboration with Juan Ignacio López
– Two stands of world cuisine and African cuisine will be set up by the associations la cantine des femmes battantes (St-Denis) and fan club couture (Aubervilliers) with the same aim: to help women in precarious situations.
– The aim of the cantine des femmes battantes is to start a professional activity and to provide support for the training of volunteer cooks. It offers help with administrative procedures and learning French.
– Fan Club Couture aims to promote the integration of migrant women through sewing and cooking workshops.