Atlas Bazaar, group show at Rotolux, a proposal by Anouck Lemarquis and Anaïs Leroy. From 6 to 20 november.

© Rotolux
© Rotolux

With Alexander Avagyan, Margot Becka, Julia Borderie & Eloïse Le Gallo, Emma Charrin, Margot Duvivier & Amandine Maas, Bérangère Fromont, Raphaël Guez, Lev Ilizirov, Livia Johann, Anouck Lemarquis, Anaïs Leroy, Mathew McWilliams, Benoit Ménard, Roman Rolo, Jack Rothert Garcia, Laëtitia Striffling, g. olmo stuppia, Ségolène Thuillart, Rebecca Topakian, Florian Viel, Simon Zaborski



Atlas Bazar

A poster

At the market,
at the bakery,
at the gym,
at the gas station

a wallpaper at the Laundromat,
the everyday life of an artist in driver’s ed…

All summer, Impressions Belle saison, a project imagined by Anouck Lemarquis and Anaïs Leroy, spread images throughout the city. About twenty artists intervened, in the form of micro-residences, in shops around Clichy, producing images in situ, following the relationships they established with the shopkeepers.

When summer ended, the posters left the storefront, disappeared from the city and moved to their big, final “bric-a-brac”, inside Poush. “Atlas Bazar”, like the city’s shambles, like the shelves of the local hardware store, where you can find anything, at any time, from the most trivial to the most essential, condenses the experience of summer and unites all of the artists in one exhibition. Amplified, multiplied, digested, revisited, everyone came out with a new version of their experience in the city.

Each installation is the echo of a gesture that occurred last summer on the territory, in a store window, on the ceiling of a shop, outside a café, between three cacti, in the hidden interstices of the city.

Each intervention reflects fragments of life and unexpected encounters between the artists and the places they worked in.

Little by little, a map is unveiled, places appear, an atlas reveals itself. A wandering within the mingled imaginations and narrations of the artists reveals the multiple faces of the city.

Atlas Bazar narrates the metamorphoses of the city: from the dreamed, fantasized city to the city fighting, building, mutating, where landscapes take shape and nature persists in the interstices. The city appe
ars and disappears, mineral solitude, transforms at night, behind closed doors, bodies come together to create a community.



This project was supported by the DRAC IDF, as part of Été Culturel.

The exhibition will close on November 19 and 20 with an event around publishing and its alternative practices.

Impressions Belle Saison – Part 1 – micro-residences in territories
Lift – Part 2 – artists’ posters in the elevators
Atlas Bazar – Part 3 – Group show & book show