The Color of the Wind is an in situ work based on a poetic representation of the wind through the reappropriation of a weather station. A wind vane and an anemometer are visibly placed outside the POUSH building. The data of these sensors are translated in real time and affect a set of modules located in the site’s hallway. Representing an air stream entering the building, the color and the intensity of the modules vary according to the direction and the speed of the wind blowing on the square in front of POUSH. For instance, if strong winds from the North are blowing over POUSH, the sculpture is deep blue. This installation is part of the workshop Watching the city – Transforming the city, a research-creation project authored by the artist, which studies the dispositives that are present in public space. Students of the Baccalauréat Professionnel MELEEC / ARED of the Lycée Newton in Clichy have participated in the creation of this in situ work, based on a subjective representation of the city. The students and the artist have conducted research in the city of Clichy and on the grounds of POUSH, followed by sculptural creations based on this research, which led to the creation of this collective work.

Materials: recycled and printed PMMA, 3D-printed PETG, electric cables, RGB LEDs, 10 mm steel tube, DMX controller, DMX cables, Arduino controller, 24V power supply, 12V power supply, 50 mm aluminum tube, 50 mm hose clamps, analog anemometer, analog wind vane.

An in situ installation by Paul Créange at POUSH (Clichy)

Curation: Yvannoé Kruger, Manifesto

With the support of the Île-de-France region