Radio POUSH is an online radio intended for the artists of Poush Manifesto, but not exclusively! It was founded by Jack Rothert Garcia in collaboration with Céleste Girot. 

Though the radio is based in Paris, in the Poush Manifesto building, it hosts broadcasts from all over the world. It allows curious minds to use radio as a medium for their own form of expression.

“Radio Poush is conceived as a way to capture POUSH’s energy, the synergies that are created between the artists who live there and, more generally, the artists related to POUSH around the world.

Creative freedom, abstraction and transmission are the founding pillars of Radio POUSH. Our ambition is to develop a small space where we can share big ideas, promote the unexpected, the strange and the creation process.

Music is at the heart of Radio POUSH. Broadcast live, it is selected by the artists at POUSH, who choose the most experimental, cutting-edge and the very best contemporary music.

Every day, the Radio POUSH team interrupts its music programming to offer you live shows, driven by a rigorous editorial line, combining portraits of artists, interviewed by art journalists, and discussions between artists – around topics such as artistic inspiration, interrogations about the world or the best Parisian bakeries – but also poetry readings, tarot card readings, relationship advice and news related to POUSH and the art world. These shows are recorded, so that you can listen to them as podcasts.

We hope you will like Radio POUSH as much as we liked imagining it for you.»

– Jack Rothert Garcia, creator of Radio POUSH

Check our weekly planning to know when we are live. All shows available on replay on Mixcloud (see below). 

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