Visit of the exhibitions

From 5 to 19 May

POUSH Manifesto
Lisières (Edges), a proposal by Yvannoé Kruger Bruno Albizzati, Lucile Boiron, Anne Commet, Dana Fiona Armour, Bruno Gadenne, Laura Garcia Karras, Vincent Laval, Juliette Minchin, Alice Grenier Nebout, Lucile Piketty, Raphaëlle Peria, Sarah Valente, Ittah Yoda – Beatus, a proposal by Lisa Boostani Marion Artense Gély, Julia Borderie, Apollinaria Broche, Amélie Bernard, Pierre Clement, Chevaline Corporation, Melchior De Tinguy, Cyril Debon, Samuel Fasse, Max Fouchy, Diane Gaignoux, Cyrielle Gulacsy, Michel Jocaille, Jan Melka, Benoit Menard, OrtaMiklos, Boryana Petkova, Clara Rivault, Jack Rothert Garcia, Taras Sereda, Valentin Viebinet & Romy Texier, Jesse Wallace – La Charogne, la charade (The Carrion, the Charade), a proposal by Double Séjour With Julian Farade and Sophie Lourdes Knight, curated by Thomas Havet – Optimistic birds, a proposal by Raphael Giannesini Thomas Ballouhey, Melchior De Tanguy, Emile Degorce Dumas, Cyril Debon, Benjamin Fanni, John Fou, Antoine Grulier – Sleep Eat Drink Dream, an exhibition by Marilou ThiébaultBroken Skins, an exhibition by Amélie Bernard – On Wednesday, May 5 and 12, from 5 to 6.30 p.m. – For professionals only –Registration required at On Wednesday, May 19 – For neighbors only