POUSH x Artgenève

JANUARY, FROM 26 TO 29, 2023


© Artgenève

For the first time, POUSH is participating in the Artgenève fair, invited among the institutions and special exhibitions, for the 2023 edition to be held from 26 to 29 January. 

1816 – The Year Without a Summer – The eruption of a volcano in Indonesia plunges the planet into an unending winter, with the sky glowing in whimsical shades of ochre and purple. On the shores of Lake Geneva, the novelist Mary Shelley and the poet Lord Byron are inspired by this cataclysm and have produced masterpieces. POUSH pays tribute to this particular moment in modern history, largely forgotten, by inviting POUSH residents to create an environment inspired by this catastrophe.

With Hugo Avigo, Taisiia Cherkasova, Caroline Corbasson, Morgan Courtois, Faye Formisano, Nika Kutateladze, Clara Rivault, Anna Saint-Pierre, Jesse Wallace, Xolo Cuintle, among others.

Curator Andy Rankin.