It’s hard to go home, an exhibition by Elena Costelian

From 8 to 24 September


© Elena Costelian

How can we inhabit the world? This is the question asked by the project It’s hard to go home. Similar to the project I’m dreaming, It’s hard to go home revisits the dreams of different cultures. As the iconic image of the American dream, the road is a host. After the American road of I’m dreaming, It’s hard to go home brings us to Athens and offers a road movie on the vestiges of antiquity. From the Acropolis to Delphi, we set out to meet the Greek gods, who descended from Olympus to contemplate us again and again.

The project takes a look back on the foundations of European culture. The second part of the exhibition revolves around the notion of tourism, through the project Behind the scene, which takes us on a tour behind the scenes of the institution that represents world peace: the UN, put into perspective with a fragment of the project Tchernobyl on tour: a walk in the contaminated Zone.

These two proposals are the result of a random wandering in places and worlds where the only question is and remains: “how much freedom do we have?”