“Entrelacs” Episode 3 of le19M’s Autumn–Winter programme, in collaboration with POUSH

FROM OCTOBER 19, 2022 TO FEBRUARY 12, 2023


© le19M

Conceived like a magazine or a podcast, the multidisciplinary cultural programme of the autumn-winter season of le19M is structured as several episodes. Entitled Sur le fil, it is divided into episodes which provide an immersive journey into embroidery and weaving, at the intersection of other artistic practices such as painting, photography, and installation.

From 19 October 2022 to 12 February 2023, the third episode entitled Entrelacs invites the general public to participate in workshops to create two monumental installations conceived by Desire Moheb-Zandi and Julian Farade and the Maison de broderie Lesage. In relation to their practices of weaving and embroidery respectively, these two artists were chosen, both POUSH residents, by le19M and Yvannoé Kruger.

In conjunction with the scenographers of Atelier Craft and Hubert Barrère, the artistic director of the Maison Lesage, they each imagined a project for a monumental installation that could be displayed at la Galerie du 19M during the three months of workshops offered to the general public. Julian Farade’s work is a triptych composed of the poetic creatures that populate his bestiary. The woven piece, conceived by Desire Moheb-Zandi, is part of a pop, pixelated world: it draws on the imagination of the participants to embroider settings and characters inspired by video games from the 1980s and 1990s.

To build on the creative work initiated by the two artists and to lead the workshops of this largescale participatory project, le19M launched an open call in the summer of 2022 for amateur embroiderers in the north-eastern area of Paris. A dozen individuals with different profiles, of all ages and cultural backgrounds, were identified: enthusiasts, unknown amateurs, and those in the process of becoming professionals who communicate their expertise to others.

Accompanied by Desire Moheb-Zandi and Julian Farade, as well as the skilful hands of the Maison Lesage, the amateur embroiderers began embroidering the two works on the first day of the installation. In turn, in a spirit of companionship and of the sharing of handiwork dear to le19M, the amateur embroiderers will guide and train visitors throughout the workshops until 12 February.

Over the course of the exhibition, the textile compositions embroidered by the general public are hoisted up thanks to a mechanical strap system inspired by weaving looms and assembled into two works. This evolving scenography was conceived and customized for la Galerie du 19M by the Atelier Craft, also based in Aubervilliers.

This episode is this rooted in this area and marked by a celebration of the sharing of handicraft, one of le19M’s fundamental values.

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