For the third time, Art Paris has assined a cutting-edge curatorship to an outside eye in the aisles of its fair. It is a way to upgrade it. After Camille Morineau, cofounder of the association Aware (which reassesses the history of women in art), and Gaël Charbau, a contender for the Palais de Tokyo, here is Hervé Mikaeloff, an independent curator who “accepted this mission on the condition that his list of galleries and artists be considered”.

Duly noted: many of these are entering the Grand Palais Ephémère. Figurative painting, which is undergoing a revival, is a promising market there, supported by the first selection of artworks of François Pinault’s Bourse de commerce. To illustrate it, Hervé Mikaeloff has surveyed the Parisian art spaces that have settled in former industrial sites: POUSH Manifesto at Porte de Clichy, L’Orfèvrerie, the former Christofle workshops in Saint-Denis, and the former Wonder warehouses in La Défense.

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