Région Île-de-France

The Île-de-France region supports POUSH through several initiatives, including the allocation of a grant to Paul Créange for the installation of an in situ work, and to Hugo Avigo for the exhibition The Bedspring Syndrome, the project that received the Regional Fund for Emerging Talent (FoRTE) in 2020.


Emerige supports the POUSH project.



836M, a foundation created in 2015 in San Francisco, that promotes diversity, inclusion and dialogue between cultures through art, supports POUSH in its programming. The foundation has, in particular, allowed the production of the exhibition Global Pool Club, POUSH’s last exhibition in Clichy.



Tada and POUSH collaborate to provide artists administrative, legal and fiscal support in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills, through the organisation of monthly thematic conferences and individual administrative sessions.


The National Institute of Art Crafts and Manifesto partnered in January 2021 to welcome five craftsmen to POUSH. These encounters between artists and craftsmen are an opportunity to share reflections, projects, experiences and tools of production.

Monnaie de Paris

Monnaie de Paris POUSH Manifesto

In collaboration with the Monnaie de Paris, POUSH has designed and produced the exhibition Tirelessly in the heart of this unique institution. In October 2021, four artists from POUSH – Juliette Minchin, Edgar Sarin, Laura Sellies and Pierre Pauze – took turns during two weeks to invent in situ creations daily in the courtyards of the […]