POUSH is launching 2 calls for applications for October 2022

One for artists or artists' collectives: visual, video, performer artists…
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The other is a "bureau des penseurs.euses", for curators, art critics, philosophers, sociologists…
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POUSH in Télérama

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POUSH in Libération

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POUSH in The New York Times

Poush by Manifesto, originally established as a nine-story artist incubator co-founded by the former publisher Hervé Digne and the curator Laure Confavreux-Colliex in the suburb of Clichy, offers affordable studio and exhibition space as well as art classes and opportunities to connect with museum and gallery directors. 

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POUSH in Le Parisien

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POUSH in Les Inrocks

POUSH in The Art Newspaper

POUSH, from Clichy to Aubervilliers

POUSH in Le Quotidien de l'art

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POUSH in Les Inrockuptibles

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POUSH in Télérama

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La Parisien POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Le Parisien week-end

Jean-Michel Othoniel : “Making Paris more and more desirable ” 

About POUSH : « I think turning an old office tower in Clichy into an artist incubator was a great idea. You can sense a very stimulating energy there. »

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Elle POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Elle

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Paris.

ELLE. Any unusual place you want to recommend ?

J.-C. C. POUSH Manifesto (6, Boulevard du Général-Leclerc, Clichy, 92). It is an incubator that brings together over two hundred young artists. There, I discovered the work of Garance Matton, Alice Grenier Nebout, John Fou…

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Les Echos Planète

POUSH in Les Echos Planète

The incubator initiated by the agency Manifesto host more than 200 artists on 9 floors in a former office building in Clichy: a selection of images by Les Echos Planète.

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Vogue POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Vogue

A collective of up-and-coming artists at the Monnaie de Paris

Tirelessly. Around this evocative subject, four artists (Juliette Minchin, Edgar Sarin, Laura Sellies and Pierre Pauze) from the POUSH studios have created plural and evolving works, taking turns over two weeks. The result? An inspired waltz, combining objects, materials and architecture, undulating in the courtyards of the Monnaie de Paris.

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Les Echos POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Les Echos

Poush, an artist incubator in Clichy, opens its doors to cultural professionals

Created in the spring of 2020, Poush, a residency and incubator, hosts over 220 artists in a former office building in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine). On October 22 and 23, the location organizes its professional days, to promote the works of its artists.

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POUSH hosts the Festival OVNi

Responding to a carte blanche addressed by POUSH, OVNi (Objectif Vidéo Nice) presents a video program combining the winners of its previous editions, video artists selected for the next edition in 2021, and a duo in residency at POUSH.

Earth, water and fire are the main components of this exhibition. Here, human beings merge with the elements for experimental purposes. Perceptions are troubled, straight lines fade away, while only instinct allows us to find our bearings. These artists offer us a change of paradigm: letting the senses travel, using contemplation to reach a hypnotic state, on the edge between the natural and the supernatural.

October 1 to 3, from 2 to 7 PM.

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INMA POUSH Manifesto

INMA x POUSH : new call for applications

Do you work with design, ceramic, wood, sculpture, textile, glass, metal? This call is for you !

The National Institute of Art Crafts and Manifesto, who associated last January to integrate craftsmen within the artist incubator POUSH in Clichy, call for applications to host three residents. The call for applications is open until September 29, 2021, for a residency starting in October, until March 2022. 

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Le Figaro POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Le Figaro

For the third time, Art Paris has assined a cutting-edge curatorship to an outside eye in the aisles of its fair. It is a way to upgrade it. After Camille Morineau, cofounder of the association Aware (which reassesses the history of women in art), and Gaël Charbau, a contender for the Palais de Tokyo, here is Hervé Mikaeloff, an independent curator who “accepted this mission on the condition that his list of galleries and artists be considered”.

Duly noted: many of these are entering the Grand Palais Ephémère. Figurative painting, which is undergoing a revival, is a promising market there, supported by the first selection of artworks of François Pinault’s Bourse de commerce. To illustrate it, Hervé Mikaeloff has surveyed the Parisian art spaces that have settled in former industrial sites: POUSH Manifesto at Porte de Clichy, L’Orfèvrerie, the former Christofle workshops in Saint-Denis, and the former Wonder warehouses in La Défense.

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POUSH’s artists in Libération

On Galerie Pact’s booth, Rose Barberat’s blue canvases were painted during the lockdown, precisely at Poush, where the artist took a studio because the Beaux-Arts had limited the amount of people it could host. As if they were immersed in a pool, a cyclops and some young people seem to be in apnea in her paintings. “The period we’ve been through was both exciting and peaceful. I wanted to synthesize this experience of reality with the color blue”, she explains. Galerie H offers much more realistic scenes: Arnaud Adami chose Deliveroo riders as his subjects.

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POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in L’Hebdo du Quotidien de l’Art

Le Wonder, POUSH Manifesto, Buropolis, les Grandes-Serres … At a time when visual artists are lacking government support, real estate developers lease them vacant buildings at low prices, before they move on to lucrative rehabilitations: a win-win solution?

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POUSH in Télérama

“The younger generation that comes from abroad and wants to settle here is not forgotten. Especially since new structures have been created to welcome them, such as the Fondation Fiminco in Romainvile, or Poush Manifesto in Clichy.”

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POUSH and Gia Viewing Room in AD

Two young artists question the nature of the art object at Poush Manifesto

On the 3rd floor of the artist residency based in Clichy, the evolving exhibition “The Ghost Between the Guest and the Host” creates a dialogue between the art object and design furniture.

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POUSH Manifesto - Vivre Paris

POUSH in Vivre Paris

At Porte Pouchet, between Paris and Clichy, the building is not much to look at. Though it has been awaiting rehabilitation for the past few months, the offices have become artist studios and the place is now an incubator, where more than 200 creators from all over the world are working. Here is a guided tour of this French-style “Factory”, which may well be emulated in the future.

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Chef Marouane Dekaoui in residence at POUSH

In residency at POUSH, chef Marouane Dekaoui cooks lunch for the artists, focusing on seasonal produce, designing a weekly menu inspired by world cuisine. This residency will result in an experimental film directed by Faïcal Ben, creating a parallel between the artists’ studios and the chef’s laboratory.

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The spectacular rise of artist residencies

The Manifesto POUSH phenomenon

At first glance, the building is not particularly beautiful. Its lobby is empty, guarded as if it was a construction site shut down for an indefinite period. Wrong! At 6, Boulevard du Général Leclerc, in Clichy (92), between Porte de Clichy and Porte de Saint-Ouen, Poush Manifesto is where the art world parades: from Jean de Loisy, director of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, to Caroline Bourgeois, curator of the Pinault Collection. Poush Manifesto bills itself as the “1st artist incubator”, with over 200 creators spread over its 8 floors. The owner of the building, Sogelym Dixence, is leasing the space to them until late December.

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INMA x POUSH Manifesto

INMA x POUSH: new call for applications

The National Institute of Art Crafts and Manifesto, who associated last January to integrate five craftsmen into the artist incubator POUSH in Clichy, are again calling for applications to welcome two residents. The call for applications is open until May 21, 2021, for residencies starting in early June and ending in late 2021. Indeed, though it was initially planned to last from February 1st to July 31, 2021, this partnership is extended until December 31, 2021.

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POUSH Manifesto Point de vue

POUSH in Point de vue

“On the edge of Paris’ Boulevard Périphérique, nearly 200 artists have benefited from a temporary workshop in an abandoned office building awaiting renovation. A stimulating experience in this time of isolation, methodically led by Laure Colliex and Hervé Digne, consultants in cultural and artistic strategy”

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POUSH in Le Monde

Poush Manifesto, “artist incubator”, flourishes in pandemic times

Open in early 2020 in Clichy, on the edge of the Périphérique, this space attracts young visual artists in need of a workshop and associates them to the dynamics of the Greater Paris.”

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POUSH in Télématin

This morning, POUSH was featured on France 2 in Télématin. Thank you to Anna Reinhardt for this story.

With interventions by Laure Confavreux Colliex and Yvannoé Kruger, and visits of the studios of Juliette Minchin, Hugo Avigo, Louis Verret and Maya-Ines Touam.

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Toki Woki visited POUSH

“Poush Manifesto is an artist incubator near Clichy. More than 170 artists have taken up residence in this former office tower to develop and share their art. An astonishing place with a stunning view of Paris.”

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Cecilia Granara, Transformant, 2021 – Esquisse de proposition copie

Cecilia Granara will create a work for the façade of POUSH

Following a call for creation to the artists of POUSH for the creation of a work on the façade of the building that hosts them, Manifesto, the operator of the space, and Sogelym Dixence, its owner, have chosen Cecilia Granara’s project;

Intended to reflect POUSH’s energy and the involvement of its artists on the territory of Clichy, Cecilia Granara’s work will send a poetic and ethereal message, demonstrating the artists’ continuous vitality in this time of crisis. Conceived from the interior of the building, the work will be visible on the southern glass façade, on the side of the Boulevard Périphérique.

With her work Transforming, Cecilia Granara will form butterfly shapes on the inner surface of each window, on several unoccupied floors. An emblem of metamorphosis and the impermanence, the butterfly represents the artists’ activity and evolution, but also the creative energy of this temporary occupation in the heart of Greater Paris. The motif of the butterfly will be dotted with eyes, revealing the work of the artists, who in their workshops, transform the way we perceive the world. The work will be installed in May and will be visible until the end of this year.

Call for applications – Culinary residency

POUSH is looking for a chef in residence!

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The INMA and Manifesto come together to welcome four craftsmen into POUSH

The INMA and Manifesto come together to welcome five craftsmen into POUSH. They were selected as part of a call for applications and won the Prix Avenir Métiers d’Art.

Quentin Cabanes, Shoko Tsuji and Angélique Chesnesec were the first to settle in a common workshop on the 13th floor of POUSH, on February 1st. It is the first time that craftsmen have joined the space along with visual artists, painters, sculptors, illustrators… These encounters between artists and craftsmen will provide opportunities to think and conceive projects in common, to share experiences and tools of production.

In addition to benefiting from a 93,69-square-meter workspace, these three newcomers will have access to the complete support of the POUSH incubator, offered by Manifesto, including artistic, technical, legal and administrative assistance. A true stepping stone for these young artists.

Dana Fiona Armour (POUSH) dans Beaux Arts Magazine

Dana Fiona Armour, POUSH artist, in Beaux Arts Magazine

Dana-Fiona Armour, sculptor of transhumanism

Who are the “rising stars” who are shaping the art of today? Every month, Beaux Arts sheds light on the work of an emergent artist who should be followed closely. A resident of the artist incubator Poush Manifesto, Dana-Fiona Armour works with marble and resin, as well as with organic matter that she collects from her neighborhood butcher. Fascinated by medicine and minimalist art, she likes to deal with hybridization and disembodied bodies.

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Laure Colliex (POUSH), invitée de Carine Bécard France Inter

Laure Colliex, invited by Carine Bécard on France Inter

Laure Colliex: “Artists have something to say in a urban environment”

“They are changing the world and the way people think”: for two weeks, France Inter focuses on the innovative talents who are shaping the future. Today, Laure Colliex, co-founder of Manifesto and Poush, the first artist incubator on the outskirts of Paris, is invited by Carine Bécard.

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POUSH in Le Parisien

“Clichy has established itself as the new El Dorado of contemporary artists”

More than 300 artists have taken possession of several spaces made available by developers as part of temporary urbanism projects: a rising trend.

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POUSH on TV5 Monde

“Paris: an incubator to support artists during the pandemic”

Reusing old offices to host young artists: this is the challenge of the “Poush” project. While the COVID-19 epidemic causes delays and cancellations of exhibitions and events, artists continue to create. Hervé Digne has imagined a place to let painters, visual artists and spinners give free rein to their imagination, while helping them structure their activity. For the French artist Juliette Minchin, it is the ideal opportunity to “produce as much as they can and show their new work after the lockdown.”

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La couleur du vent - Paul Créange - POUSH Manifesto

The Color of the Wind by Paul Créange

The Color of the Wind is an in situ work based on a poetic representation of the wind through the reappropriation of a weather station. A wind vane and an anemometer are visibly placed outside the POUSH building. The data of these sensors are translated in real time and affect a set of modules located in the site’s hallway. Representing an air stream entering the building, the color and the intensity of the modules vary according to the direction and the speed of the wind blowing on the square in front of POUSH. For instance, if strong winds from the North are blowing over POUSH, the sculpture is deep blue. This installation is part of the workshop Watching the city – Transforming the city, a research-creation project authored by the artist, which studies the dispositives that are present in public space. Students of the Baccalauréat Professionnel MELEEC / ARED of the Lycée Newton in Clichy have participated in the creation of this in situ work, based on a subjective representation of the city. The students and the artist have conducted research in the city of Clichy and on the grounds of POUSH, followed by sculptural creations based on this research, which led to the creation of this collective work.

Materials: recycled and printed PMMA, 3D-printed PETG, electric cables, RGB LEDs, 10 mm steel tube, DMX controller, DMX cables, Arduino controller, 24V power supply, 12V power supply, 50 mm aluminum tube, 50 mm hose clamps, analog anemometer, analog wind vane.

An in situ installation by Paul Créange at POUSH (Clichy)

Curation: Yvannoé Kruger, Manifesto

With the support of the Île-de-France region

Paris Match POUSH Manifesto

POUSH in Paris Match

“A Factory in Paris”

“Porte Pouchet, a former office building from the 1970s was turned into an artist residency. The project is led by Manifesto, an original structure proposing new models to build the city”

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POUSH Manifesto art

POUSH in The Art Newspaper

“180 artists in residence in Clichy”

“A temporary residence for artists has recently opened in Clichy, just beyond the Périphérique. Led by Manifesto, it is becoming one of the poles of young creation on the Parisian scene.”

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Manifesto POUSH Télérama

POUSH in Télérama

“Poush, the first artist incubator in Clichy: an amazing laboratory and springboard, and an initiative that should be imitated”

“On one side, artists in need of a studio. On the other, developers who, in this time of crisis in the field of office real estate – which COVID certainly isn’t helping –, don’t know what to do with their empty buildings. What if they were brought together? Poush did it in Clichy, and everyone is happy.”

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POUSH Manifesto art

POUSH in L’Hebdo du Quotidien de l’Art

“New challenges for cultural engineering”

One of the main challenges is: how can we build the city of tomorrow, no longer a monofunctional and technical city, but one that can be used more freely, that is open to associations and citizens,” Laure Confavreux-Colliex and Hervé Digne, cofounders of Manifesto, explain.

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POUSH Manifesto Sloft art

POUSH in Sloft Magazine

“At a time when some companies are transferring their headquarters to former industrial sites, artists are going back to the office!”

“This is what makes POUSH so singular, this unprecedented artistic project led by the Manifesto agency. The challenge: bringing the artists back to the heart of the city, offering them a spacious, functional and collective working environment, encouraging interactions and exchanges. Picture over 170 artists’ workshops all in one place, in a former office tower bordering the Périphérique, offering an unobstructed view of all the Parisian monuments. And an incomparable light, cherished by the creators. Until July 24, 2021, a whole community of visual artists, designers, stylists, etc., united by the project, is creating and exhibiting its work at POUSH. Because if you’re not a creator, you can still visit the place depending on its program, to see the exhibitions or tour the workshops.”

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POUSH on BFM Business

France moving forward: Poush, the first artist incubator by Julien Gagliardi  – 05/10

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POUSH in Beaux Arts Magazine

“Poush, an abandoned tower transformed into an artist incubator

Standing on the edge of the Parisian Périphérique, it is just a gray office building. From the outside, there is no way to guess that in there, artists are working and imagining their future projects. Poush is an artist incubator – in other words, an exceptional place, temporary but full of hope, addressing the practical issues faced by young artists. Let’s look behind the scenes.”

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Open Studios #02

The 170 artists in residence at POUSH welcome you to their workshops!

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PODADA – Open artist studios

Many artists from POUSH will participate in PODADA on October 10 and 11, 2020: take this opportunity to come and discover their studios.

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Grand Finale
La Méditerranée

POUSH welcomes the research group La Méditerranée for the second part of its inaugural exhibition Special Program – Grand Finale from September 26 to October 10, 2020.

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POUSH is looking for an intern!

If you are looking for a versatile professional experience among 170 artists in an innovative space dedicated to contemporary creation (Clichy), contact us! Deadline for applications: Tuesday, 25 August, 23:59. Start of the internship: Monday, 7 September

POUSH in Les Inrockuptibles

10 exhibitions not to be missed this summer in France (and one in Geneva), Les Inrockuptibles, July 24, 2020

“This summer saw the opening of POUSH, five letters and one onomatopoeia that were already on everyone’s lips (and, more importantly in everyone’s Instagram stories) on the opening night. You have to admit that it is photogenic, this old, abandoned office building from the 1980s, in the grey area of old tertiary-sector offices in Clichy, a few hundred meters north of the Porte de Clichy metro station. Here, in this decrepitly charming place right out of a Rohmer movie, with its bushy carpeting and long point collars, about a hundred artists have settled. A few renowned Parisian project spaces (Exo Exo, Rotolux or The Community) have also taken up residence and exhibited their work here. Until the programming starts again in September, you can already visit the inaugural exhibition of this “Special Program”: the collective proposal La Méditerranée, orchestrated by curators Gaël Charbau and Yvannoé Kruger.”

New artists are moving in

There’s something happening at POUSH! New artists are moving in and transforming the spaces. The former office building is becoming an incubator, now bringing together 170 artists.


Artists get a push from Poush, in INTERIORS, n. 11, summer 2020

“POUSH, an initiative launched by Manifesto, a consulting firm specialized in cultural urbanism, is the first artist incubator. This experimentation is developed in an abandoned office tower built in the 1970s at Porte Pouchet, on the border between Paris and Clichy, and administered by Sogelym Dixence.”

POUSH in Clichy Actus

POUSH, an artist incubator in Clichy, Clichy actus, n. 54, July 2020

“The temporary project POUSH has taken possession of a vacant office tower in Clichy. Until June 2021, the 16-floor building will be the home of a rich artistic activity.”

A look back at the opening of POUSH

The opening of POUSH was (already) a week ago… Thank you for being so many at our first open days and for the opening of the exhibition “Special Program” by La Méditerranée, in collaboration with Gaël Charbau and Yvannoé Kruger. And thank you for waiting (sometimes for a long time, sometimes to no avail) to discover our artists and their works in this atypical location.

We will give you other occasions to come (back)!

As a reminder, the exhibition Special Program is open from July 30, from Thursday to Saturday, from 2 to 7 PM, and by appointment.

Call for applications

Join POUSH! We are launching a call for applications on 3 new floors. Are you looking for a studio? Do you want to benefit from Manifesto’s artist incubation services in an innovative space dedicated to contemporary creation in Clichy? Apply online before July 2, 2020!

Applications are closed at this time.

Special Program – La Méditerranée

POUSH welcomes the research group La Méditerranée for its opening exhibition, Special Program, from June 30 to July 30, 2020.

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Open Studios #01

POUSH’s first 90 artists welcome you to their studios to show you their works and the atypical place that they create in.

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POUSH in Le Journal des Arts

“Manifesto invents the first artist incubator”, Le Journal des Arts, n. 543, from April 10 to April 23, 2020

“Under the name “Poush”, this consulting and artistic production agency rents workshops just outside Paris, in an abandoned office building. Like a business incubator, Manifesto innovates by providing a range of services to the artists.”

Opening of the site

Since February 2020, around thirty artists have joined the POUSH incubator. Some are nationally and internationally renowned artists, but others are emerging artists fresh out of school, who will use POUSH as a true stepping stone! Three months later, there are almost ninety of them.

And from July 2020, there will be even more of them, thanks to the call for applications launched by Manifesto to welcome new artists.