Following a call for creation to the artists of POUSH for the creation of a work on the façade of the building that hosts them, Manifesto, the operator of the space, and Sogelym Dixence, its owner, have chosen Cecilia Granara’s project;

Intended to reflect POUSH’s energy and the involvement of its artists on the territory of Clichy, Cecilia Granara’s work will send a poetic and ethereal message, demonstrating the artists’ continuous vitality in this time of crisis. Conceived from the interior of the building, the work will be visible on the southern glass façade, on the side of the Boulevard Périphérique.

With her work Transforming, Cecilia Granara will form butterfly shapes on the inner surface of each window, on several unoccupied floors. An emblem of metamorphosis and the impermanence, the butterfly represents the artists’ activity and evolution, but also the creative energy of this temporary occupation in the heart of Greater Paris. The motif of the butterfly will be dotted with eyes, revealing the work of the artists, who in their workshops, transform the way we perceive the world. The work will be installed in May and will be visible until the end of this year.